Our Team

Our Team

Our Team:

Our team comprises highly skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds and deep industry knowledge.
We bring together experts in finance, strategy, operations, international trade, and more,
allowing us to provide a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of our clients.
Our team's expertise and collaborative approach ensure that we deliver strategic insights and
practical solutions tailored to each client's specific requirements.
Mr Christ Kwabla

Mr Christ Kwabla

-CFO Mr. Christ Kwabla is an adept professional with over two decades of experience in the banking and finance industry. With a strong background in risk management and control, he has made significant contributions to the success of the banking sector. Currently, he holds the position of Head of Risk and Control (IT and Operations) at Standard Chartered Bank Plc Ghana, where he actively manages risk and ensures operational efficiency, assisting the bank in identifying and mitigating potential risk.
Mr. Kwabla's career spans across various roles in the banking and finance sector. Previously, he served as an International Trade Finance Specialist, leveraging his expertise in trade transactions and financial instruments to support international trade operations. He also undertook several roles in operational risk plans, worked in close cooperation with country CIO, Legal and compliance, and regional management groups.
Mr. Christ Kwabla holds an MBA in International Business from the prestigious Paris Graduate School of Management. This degree has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of global business dynamics and strategic decision-making. Furthermore, he has completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Tax Administration at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), deepening his knowledge of tax laws and regulations. He also holds Bsc Administration in banking and finance, from the University of Ghana. Mr Kwabla is a certified Documentary Credit Specialist, from the London Institute of Banking and Finance, and also a member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers.
With his extensive experience in banking and finance, Mr. Kwabla possesses a wide range of skills and expertise. He is proficient in risk management, particularly in identifying, assessing, and mitigating operational risks. His background in international trade finance enables him to handle complex transactions and provide strategic advice to clients. Furthermore, his knowledge of tax administration adds value to his understanding of financial regulations and compliance.
Throughout his career, Mr. Kwabla has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and achieved remarkable milestones. His ability to navigate the complexities of risk management has led to the successful implementation of robust controls and procedures within bank. Moreover, his contributions to international trade finance have facilitated smoother transactions and improved client satisfaction.
Mr. Christ Kwabla is a highly experienced banking professional with proven expertise in risk management, international trade finance, and tax administration. With his leadership skills and comprehensive knowledge of the industry, he continues to contribute to the growth and success of Standard Chartered Bank Plc Ghana.
His love, commitment and dedication for ministry work, as an Apostle of Christ, has led him to found Eaglewings Ministries International (Charismatic Church) and a Co-founder of Eaglenest International School. Mr Christ Kwabla is a visionary and a dynamic leader, with a proven ability to drive growth and expansion of organisations.
  • Certified Documentary Credit Specialist, London Institute of Banking and Finance
  • Chartered Institute of Bankers (Member)
  • Founder: Eaglewings Ministries International (Charismatic Church) Ashongman Estate, Accra, Ghana
  • Co-founder: Eaglenest International School, Taifa Gye-Nyame Street, Accra, Ghana
  • 2008 – 2009: MBA (International Business) Paris Graduate School of Management (PGSM), Paris
  • 2001 – 2002: Post Graduate Diploma in Tax Administration, GIMPA
  • 1996 – 1999: BSc. Administration, Banking and Finance, University of Ghana
  • 1992 – 1994: Kpando Secondary School
Mr. Issah Raji

Mr. Issah Raji

-Chief Operating Officer (COO) Results-driven and strategic-minded Chief Operating Officer (COO) with a proven record of driving operational excellence and maximising organisational efficiency. Adept at aligning business strategies with operational goals, I excel in optimising processes, enhancing productivity, and implementing cost-effective solutions. With a keen focus on driving profitability and delivering exceptional customer experiences, I have successfully led cross-functional teams to achieve business objectives. Skilled in operational planning, performance management, and change management, I have a track record of transforming businesses and streamlining operations to support sustainable growth. A collaborative and visionary leader, I foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, empowering teams to exceed expectations. I have a strong command of market trends, industry regulations, and emerging technologies, which allows me to drive strategic initiatives and position organisations for long-term success. With exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, I thrive in complex environments and excel at building and nurturing relationships with stakeholders at all levels. Committed to operational excellence, I am dedicated to driving operational efficiency, optimising resources, and achieving operational excellence that positively impacts the bottom line.
Had his Secondary school Navrongo Sec and tertiary education at the Takoradi Technical University, where he studied Diploma in Business Studies Accounts Option and has over 26yrs as M.D For RAJAR Engineering works
Mr Nesta Arthur

Mr Nesta Arthur

-CEO Mr Nesta Arthur is an experienced and results-driven professional with a proven track record in overseeing and optimising the operations of organisations. With his strong leadership skills, strategic thinking, and business acumen, I excel at driving efficiency, profitability, and growth. Over the years, he has worked with noble institutions in Ghana, like Vanguard Life Assurance as a sales executive and Afrimark Intellectual Property Consultants. as an administrative assistant.
His expertise lies in successfully managing cross-functional teams and departments, aligning them with organisational goals, and fostering a collaborative work environment. I have a demonstrated ability to develop and implement effective strategies, streamline processes, and enhance overall operational performance. am skilled at analysing complex situations, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing solutions to drive positive change.
In addition to his strong leadership capabilities, he possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills, allowing him to effectively liaise with stakeholders, clients, and employees at all levels. He is adept at building and maintaining solid relationships, negotiating contracts, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Nesta graduated from the University College of Management Studies in 2007 with a BBA (Human Resource Management option)